OASE CrystalSkim 600
OASE CrystalSkim 600
OASE CrystalSkim 600
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OASE CrystalSkim 600

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OASE CrystalSkim 600
Innovative Surface Skimming - OASE CrystalSkim 600 quickly and effectively frees the aquarium surface of the biofilm, floating plant debris, and substances

High Safety for Aquarium Inhabitants
An integrated, removable collection basket ensures the safety of the aquarium inhabitants. Small slots in the collection basket prevent livestock from being pulled in, unlike competitors, it won't become a death trap in your aquarium!

For a Healthy Aquarium Environment
CrystalSkim eliminates any biofilm from the water's surface.
Removing biofilm is important for proper oxygen flow in the aquarium

Catches the Finest Debris
Designed to catch even the finest plant debris that is almost impossible to remove with a net

Individually Adjustable
The flow is individually adjustable, ensuring a crystal-clear water surface at just the right output

Compact and Discreet
CrystalSkim is compact in size and has a powerful and quiet motor. In addition to skimming, the unit is designed with a bottom discharge that creates flow in what would be dead spots normally

Easy Installation
The included mounting unit with suction cups secures the skimmer to your aquarium and is easily removed for maintenance

Adjust to Water Level
The floating ring is designed to allow the CrystalSkim to still skim the water's surface even if the skimmer isn't level

CrystalSkim 600 is suitable for fresh and marine aquariums up to 160 gallons (600 l)

Backed by the best warranty in the industry!
3-year warranty

All Oase products are fully in compliance with Canadian electrical safety standards and are cULs certified!

What’s in the Box?
Skimmer, a mounting unit with suction cups

Made in Italy, backed by German engineering

Dimensions  1.93 x 1.93 x 6.69H in.
Suitable for Max. Aquarium Volume  160 Gallons
Box Weight and Dimensions  3 x 3 x 7.5H in at 1 lbs.